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Resort Transfers

Resort transfers are specific transfers from airports or train stations in lowlands to ski resorts highlands.

The transfers to ski resorts are made by professionals who are specialists in highlands driving. They have special cars, with wheels adapted to the ice and snow and they are accustom to driving on the small icy mountain roads.

For your safety it is better to rely on professionals.

Ski transfers

Transports to get to Ski Resorts

The main transport used by skiers is their own car. But because of the traffic and the difficulties of the icy and snowy road, more and more people are willing to take the train. If there are only a few people travelling it can be cheaper than using a car.

Most people encounter the problem of “what to take after the train”. That is why there are ski transfer companies. For affordable prices, they will drive you safely from the airport or train station to your hotel or accommodation.

By taking the plane or train and then useresort transfers, you will avoid:

  • Long hours of traffic
  • The wheel problems with the snow
  • Stress during vacations
  • Dangerous snowy roads

Ski Taxi Services

Taxi-Finder.com also provides you with ski taxi companies which are specialized in highlands and mountains.

They can drive you from your ski resort to the lowlands, to another ski resort or anywhere from your place. They are reliable drivers who have experience in driving in the mountains, snow and ice.

How to book your ski transfer on Taxi-Finder.com?

Requesting a ski transfer on Taxi-Finder.com, is easy, quick and free.

Simply post your request through the form at the top of the page: enter your pick-up and destination, your date and hour of departure; then enter your personal details so that you can be easily contacted by the driver of your choice. Providing your phone number is important for the driver if your email address is wrong or if you encounter any problems on D-day. Don’t forget to tell the driver through the box “comments” if you have extra luggage and which ones.

When you have filled all those details, you will receive up to 3 quotes by email and on your Taxi-Finder.com account, directly from the transporters. Then you will simply make your choice!

Read also about other types of transfers: airport transfers, taxi services, sightseeing tours and shore excursions.