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Best Taxi Fares

Taxi-Finder.com guarantees you the best transfer fares online for Airport, Hotel & other Transfers in several countries worldwide.

How to get the exact price of my transfer?

At the top of the page, fill in the form with your trip information, and you will receive quickly quotes from local transporters.
Then, compare their offers, and book with your favorite online!

We want to offer you the best price quality ratio!

All our local partners have great vehicles and great services. The private car service companies are the best value for money choice compared to other transportation ways: the big companies of the sector, train, bus...
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In order to offer you the best prices online for your holiday & business trips, Taxi-Finder.com decided to follow a very unique strategy which includes 7 reasons why you pay less:

Get FREE quotes
You will receive several quotes through our platform from local transporters. Requesting and comparing their quotes is a FREE service we offer you. But, you have no obligation to book with one of our partners.
Compare local transporters’ offers to find the best rate
Through Taxi-Finder’s platform you will get different taxi quotes from our local partners directly. Compare them and choose the best price-quality ratio. When you are travelling in a country you do not know, with a language you do not speak, it can be very hard finding information and the best company. We offer you the chance to compare the prices of local transporters and their services.
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Taxi-Finder.com is the only such company that is not taking commissions on your bookings. On average, our competitors are taking about 20 to 40% of their customers’ bookings. That is how we are able to make the prices 20 to 40% cheaper for you!
No intermediaries
Intermediaries raise the final price you pay. We will be the only intermediary between you and the transporter. As we are a free intermediary, the final price you pay will be exactly the rate that the transporter of your choice quoted you.
A network of transporters worldwide
Building a community on a worldwide scale allows our partners to get more customers from different countries, and therefore offer a great price/quality ratio.
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Taxi, business vehicle, limo and coach hire quotes

While posting your request for taxi fares through our form, you will be asked to choose a type of vehicle; the rates will depend on this choice. Take some time to consider the limos and business vehicle quotes from our local transporters; they can be very competitive!